Entitlement versus Merit: Crybabies win again, but America loses A-GAIN!


Got interns?
Well, more & more companies are saying “Nope.”, and to be honest, Im cheering on these companies.

As a result of lawsuits internships are disappearing
lawsuits from some emotionally pampered, spoiled, “Im ENTITLED, even though I havent achieved squat” punk, or punk-ette (have to be gender fair here, right?!) are ruining it for everyone else.
Real life situation: take my lil brother: math & pre-med major at Stanford. He had a great internship last year w/ a neurosurgeon. A great experience to put on his resume, that opened his eyes, got him excited about a career as a brain surgeon & more. Contrast that w/ this upcoming summer. Now, he’s struggling to find an internship b/c some hospitals have stopped the program b/c some idiot punks complained & sued over “unfair pay”! Hang on while I wipe away the crocodile tears & get my “grow the f*** up hankey out!”.

Are we serious here?!?!
Maybe a case can be made for paid internships, but not at the expense of unpaid ones.
So, instead of unpaid internships, these prima donnas have caused hospitals to institute paid internships. OH NO, NOT PAYING YOU, YOU PAYING THEM!
Kids now have to pay to follow a doctor to learn.

You know what, I dont blame them! Not one bit!
But the problem: we all lose!
My brother wont be able to be “black scrubs” this summer, (hahaha I love you Family Guy!), we might not get that next brain surgeon from a poor family, or the next billionaire who had sooo much desire, drive & passion & REFUSED to ever be poor again, so he invented the next great piece of technology in brain surgery. Nope, we get NONE of these, and all because teens have been brainwashed into believing they’re a victim & can’t succeed in this “rigged” system of America. Thanks a lot Elizabeth Warren!


This is sick. It really is disgusting.
But, do you know who DOES benefit: RICH kids!
Kids who can afford the cost to follow someone.
Kids of those connected people like Elizabeth Warren’s, Harry Reid’s, Barack Obama’s, etc etc.
Rich kids, who have parents with contacts at these companies. Parents who can get their kids foot in the door. Parents who can reassure the company that they will NOT have to deal with some entitled drama queen.
Isn’t this the thing democrats rail against: the “rich getting richer”?!
Well, now these “we want fairness for the poor” liberals, Occupy Wall Streets punks & social injustice charlatans are in a bind.
Do they help their friends, the trial lawyers & the Democrats or sit there with egg on their face by going against the people who beat that “democrats CARE!” drum all damn day, often off beat!
So, how can this stand?
I’ll tell you how: a complicit media that NEVER reports these stories, the real life effects Dem policies have on families & society & all the things we lose as a result.
There is no more belief in walking thru the fire to sharpen that proverbial sword called your soul.
Quit. Whine. Demand. Do less.
THAT is the new American way & the Democrats love it.
Why? Because who is easiest to control but poor, dependent & uneducated people? Answer: nobody.
Nobody will give up faster than someone who has nothing to live for, no dreams in their minds, no hope & no education to know they can get sooo much more in life.

Wow. I just depressed myself.
Is this America?
Is THIS what so many died, & still do die, for?
No, but with so many buying in, giving up & laying around, it’s not likely to change soon.
I’m an upbeat, loves to laugh type of guy, but I have to admit, when I look around, I don’t feel American pride any more. My pride is on life support.
I’m watching the fall of possibly the greatest society ever.
Can we stop it? Please!
Can we? We could, we can, but will we?
*sigh* So sad.

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