Liberals: #Bossy, #Sexist, #Racist hypocrites?

Democrats new logo-01

The left can infuriate you?
I know a bunch of people reading that just said, correction YELLED, “NO SH*T!!!!”
You’re going along, trying your hardest to just enjoy your day, have plans on being nice to people, watch some news to catch up on current events, etc etc (because, unlike liberals, you like to be educated, informed, well versed … ya know, THAT sorta thing!)
…but then, THEN, IT HAPPENS!
You have to hear some moronic, buffoon of a liberal spew Democrat talking points like an ignorant parrot!!
[squawk] “nothing to see hear..”
[squawk] “phony scandal…”
[squawk] “war on women…”
….& there goes your day … well at least your blood pressure for the next 15 minutes or so!

Well, this morning, the cause of my blood pressure spike was the less than honest (like I said, Im trying to be nice!), Bernard Whitman.
In typical liberal fashion, he quickly dismisses the New York Times hypocrisy regarding the faux “war on women” & quickly goes back to liberal talking points: diversity!
So, in the idiotic wisdom of the left, it’s OK to fire a woman who wants a raise (irony considering she’s a liberal & they always vilify those who make a lot of money) & is a bit, shall we say “bossy”! Gratuitous dig at another idiot I know. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.
So, it seems, this “bossy”, “money grubbing” liberal had the nerve to demand equal pay.
Equal to the pay of her male predecessor.
Her reply: “you’re fired!”
Yet, THAT’S OK, to Mr. Whittman because her replacement is….wait for it… BLACK! [forehead….palm…smack]
Wait… gets better.
According Mr. Whitman, keep it movin’, there’s nothin’ to see here because we still have diversity & THAT is what REALLY matters!


Says who? Liberals? MSM? Obama? Mr. Whittman?
Who determines, says, dictates & sends us all the memo of which aggrieved “class of people” (thought we were just all people) is more special, more “aggrieved” or more protected than the other?
Are gays over blacks (that just sounds wrong!)? Are blacks better than women? Are women higher than gays? Do illegals trump all?
I’m confused. (…& need a drink, but it’s only 10am, so I have to wait another 30 minutes. Only alcoholics drink before 10:30am, right?! Right?!)
In the end, it’s clear one thing: content of character NEVER really mattered to liberals.
It was always about grievance & using people as pawns. Parading out their lil show dogs to show to the whooole world, that is until those show dogs become sacrificial lambs.

So, I just have a simple question: Is there any end to the lefts hypocrisy? Is there any end to this lunacy? Can we please get a break? Even if it’s just for a day, can we get a break?


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