A black president, progress? No.

So, last night, out with friends, a buddy of mine brings up Obama
[oooh no…breathe…]
This is normally not a good subject for me to talk with, especially out in public & especially with friends.
My friend, who is not a committed zombie, racist, sexist, low info Democrat, “don’t you believe having a black president is progress?”
“NO.” I say emphatically, quickly & without an ounce of uncertainty.
Now, I know this caught my boy off guard. How can a black man say the black president being elected is NOT progress.
Its like I can see his, & most people’s, brains processing the images of America’s well filmed, documented racism.
Well, I know that history too, & it was awful. That being waaay too complicated to get in to, I will say this: the one person who symbolized the fight for freedom, Martin Luther King, dreamed of a day when people were judged based on content of their character & NOT their skin color. Well, that is what I AM DOING, but are liberals?
As a result of their lack of judging Obama, or ANY black politician by their character, how can there be progress?

Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Herman Cain, Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott (Senator of SOUTH CAROLINA) & myself.
(Yes, I threw myself in with these highly accomplished people…Im friggin’ awesome! That too is too long of a story to get in to….. ha)
I digress from my point.
So many in America have been sold a bill of goods, aka LIES, by a liberal media!
They lead people to assumptions that America isn’t progressing & we’re “still” a society of racist white people looking to put blacks on plantations.


Sooo much is wrong with that narrative, but once again, I’ll stick to my point: how can liberals, aka Democrats, say there’s progress when it’s not for ALL blacks, in this case, but only CERTAIN blacks?

Or, like the case in San Diego, where the CONSERVATIVE GAY man wasnt the “right type of gay”?
Or, the case with Condoleeza Rice, who gets ridiculed by intellectual liberal idiots because she isn’t a “liberal woman”?
Who are THEY to decide which minority, or group of people, is the more important one?
The most basic freedom of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness is only valid for minorities, women & gays who agree with liberals. If you dare stray from their doctrine, they will attempt [often successfully] to savagely destroy you, your life & your happiness.

Is that progress? I say no.
Until content of character trumps boxes we can visually tick off, we haven’t “progressed”, but regressed.

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