Conservatives, STOP trying to convince black liberals

Male road worker with stop sign yelling

I get it. I really do!

I appreciate it! You’ve shown your true colors.

It’s a noble goal. Your hearts in the right place.

But … STOP!

At least stop trying to engage them all.
What am I talking about? Black liberals, & conservatives throughout the Facebook world, Twitter-verse & internet, trying sooo hard to convert that one hard-headed black person who called them a racist for opposing Obama.
Just, STOP!


Ignore the ignorant!
It is not going to get you anywhere. Well, at least nowhere fast.
You can’t teach someone who wants to ignore the historical facts.
You can’t combat a closed mind, plugged ears, covered eyes.
If blacks want to ignore their falling position in America, that’s on them.
It gets to a point, where they’ve marginalized themselves so much, that their baseless accusations will become white noise.
Ummm, wait, is “white” noise racist?
Oh well, f*** it!

If blacks wont look at two big issues:
1. their schools, which are controlled by the unions, which control the Democrats,
2. their unemployment rate, which has skyrocketed under the “love” of Barack Obama
then, that’s on them.
You’ve made your argument, you’ve presented the facts & you’ve done the right thing.
Yet, you didn’t pull the lever for the Democrat, AGAIN!
Black people did that.
You didn’t buy in to lowered expectations due to skin color.
Black people did that.
You didn’t act so bitter over racism (which is infuriating!) that you didn’t even TRY to fight back by getting an education.
Once again, black…people…did…that.

Peanuts Racist

Now, should the Republicans make attempts to explain their ideas? Sure
But, THAT is where it stops!
Make your point, don’t be afraid to talk directly to people, AND LISTEN, but then, move on if they won’t listen.
There are too many issues in the world that need fixing, through LESS government intervention, to sit around & argue with someone who won’t listen to you.
If you think that THAT is a fruitful endeavor, then black liberals are not the fool, YOU ARE.

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