Why do Conservatives fall for the Liberal trap?!


It happens EVERY year without fail.
Liberals make up a new “social crisis”, blame the Republicans, the main stream media chuckleheads oooh so willingly take up the newest cause-du-jour & too many idiotic, panicky Republicans come out with their “solutions” to a problem that DOESN’T exist.
Ummm, really?!
I think the colloquialism is “face..palm”!!
Are the Republicans, & conservatives in general, really this easily trapped into stupid, pointless, imaginary arguments?!
Its all about personal freedom, personal responsibility & THE ECONOMY … stupids!

24194770Liberals claim religious conservatives hate gays!
Progressives claim that conservatives dont care about blacks, or whatever minority they want to use to bludgeon their opponents with.
Nanny state loons claim Republicans want to “control a womans body”!
It goes on, and on, and on….
They NEVER shut up!
They NEVER run out of reasons to bring more government in to our lives.
They NEVER lack a reason to scream “RACIST!”, “SEXIST!”, “HOMOPHOBE!”, etc etc!
Wait, am I the only one who sees the irony here?
Most conservatives dont vote on birth control, Roe V. Wade, affirmative action or Common Core (no matter how vile THAT program is!)
All they vote on are social issues!
Social issues THEY CREATED as issues!
True conservatives care about personal choice.
Social issues are resolved by the individual, as long as the rules are clear & treat everyone fairly.
Live your life.
Enjoy your life.
As long as you are not hurting a child, do what you want.
Just leave me, & my family, out of it!
THAT is true conservatism!

george_costanza_quote_unemployed_loserSo when these idiotic liberals claim they dont vote for Republicans because of social issues, ask them two questions: “who keeps bringing up social issues!?” & “how’s that working out for ya, huh?!”
Liberals make up the problem, the hysteria, the need for resolution, then demonize those who fall for their trap, aka conservatives, & offer OPINIONS on resolving these faux problems.
Say it with me: Its the economy stupid & personal freedom!
If Republicans stuck to that, they’d never lose presidential elections.

So, next time this imaginary, yet oh so common, liberal jackass ask about societal issues, ask how’s your unemployed, living at your parents home, riddled with debt, lifestyle going?
Huh? I cant hear your answer?
Just wait, because you’re about to be called a racist.

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