Obama admin negotiates w/ Taliban to rescue soldier. Will they do all they can to rescue US economy now?

This weekend, we learned from the media, as I’m sure Obama did too, that a soldier captured by the Taliban years ago was released in exchange for 5 top Taliban officials.

Why did they do this, & why now?
Why was this guy so important that a law requiring Congress to be notified was violated, straight up ignored? Well, that’s actually par for the course for this administration.
[cough] Obamacare [cough] illegal immigration [cough] border deportations [cough] ….oh screw it, you get the point!!
So, what was their excuse, I mean reason?
(I hope this soldier isn’t being seen by the VA! … I digress..)
So, we gave up 5 top Taliban operatives because he was in bad health?
We possibly risked more American lives due to “health”?
Ok, let’s say I accept that reason, even without proof & this government really unworthy of my blind trust.
So, based on the new doctrine that we must save Americans at all costs, can I assume the Obama administration will be doing all they can to save MILLIONS Americans families that are suffering at the hands of his countless taxes, regulations, edicts, I mean executive orders & fervent his anti-business ideology?
Let me be clear.


I have zero faith or evidence to believe Obama cares about American families, because what can they do FOR HIM?
So instead of rescuing, not one, but MILLIONS of Americans, he unleashes the EPA on them. Using this unchecked army of bureaucrats to attack the fossil fuels industry, waterways on PRIVATE property & destroy our coal industry.
Effect: lost jobs.
They raise taxes.
Effect: lost income & more lost jobs.

They go full steam ahead w/ Obamacare.
Effect: fewer doctors, higher premiums, less disposable income & ONCE AGAIN, fewer jobs.

It’s one thing after another for the American family.
Under Obama, they just cannot catch a break.

So, instead of negotiating with terrorist, why doesn’t Mr. Obama negotiate with the Republicans?
Since Obama, & the Democrats, seem to think Republicans are terrorist, I assume he will negotiate with them too! Or, does this administration only negotiate with Muslim terrorists?
Mr. Obama, pick up that phone you brag about, use that pen you love & hammer out a deal with these “terrorist” known as Republicans.

We’re all waiting Mr. President.

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