My thoughts on #Bergdahl & all the stupid excuses & statements. #tcot

facepalm_wtf Facepalm. Nothing really sums up the epic amounts of stupidity that I’ve heard in the last 24 hours. The worst part is that, I said the same thing 24 hours ago AND 24 hours before that. The Obama tenure has been the worst remake of Groundhog’s day ever. (& I actually liked that movie! Thanks for ruining THAT TOO, Obama!) The latest controversy that has led to the stupid people speaking out of their biased pieholes: a Taliban prisoner exchange for a clown at best, a traitor at worst, named Bowe Bergdahl.

Joe Trippi: “if Bergdahl had been killed by the Taliban, everyone would have been all upset!”
Me: “Ummm, no? No we weren’t. Nice try though.”

Obama: “we were concerned about his health.”
Me: “No you weren’t a$$hole. Stop lyin’!”
(Now, I realize the irony of me asking Obama to “stop lyin'”, because it’s like he has liars Tourette’s)

…& THIS is one of my personal faves:

General: “let’s not rush to judge. Let’s wait to get the facts. All Americans are innocent until proven guilty.”
Me: “He left a note saying, in effect, he hates America. Pretty sure that’s what we call an “open & shut case”! I don’t know too many people who find a note from the significant other that says “Hey, I f**ked your best friend!” & turn to their friend & say “let’s wait to hear their side of the story before we judge!”
I mean WTF are these idiots in DC really thinking.
Everyday Americans are clearly the body & soul of this country & Washington DC is the ass.

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