Stealing from the middle class to “feed the poor”. A scam by the rich & powerful.

world_bankThis morning, while getting ready for work, I was reading an article about global growth & global poverty.
In this article, World Bank Jim Young Kim saying we “MUST” do this to “help the poorest among us”.
Wow, sounds religious.
Sounds like the CLEAR right thing to do.
Sounds like something nobody could stand up against.
Sounds noble, righteous & obvious.
This stubborn Catholic, Man for Others (my Catholic high school motto) will NOT be duped into this power, aka money, grab!
I will not fall for this massive scam.
This age old scam is on par with the most annoying of telemarketers, & just like a telemarketer, Americans, & people of the world, need to not answer the call. Block these irritating world leaders & put them on your wallets “Do Not Answer” list.
No more soup, eerrr, I mean money, for you!

How long have we been hearing about feeding/helping the world’s poor? How many commercials, tax dollars & more have been given to solve this issue? Where has it gotten us? What do we have to show?

I’ll tell you what. Firstly, the middle class is poorer, which means less powerful & able to help out the poor in their own community. Secondly, the poor are still poor & the numbers have not decreased. And last, but definitely not least, the robbers, The World Bank & world governments, are richer. They, & their connected cohorts, have more money, more access to power & more influence to write laws that ONCE AGAIN make the world citizens more poor.

Thinks about it, & next time they dial up your heart strings, HANG UP the damn phone.

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