Liberals, remember how tolerant you were when Obama’s gone #STHU #tcot


Liberals are quite impressive people.
Not what you expected ME to say, is it?
Seriously, I’m amazed. Amazed at the depths of how stupid they can be!
How utterly short-sighted, hypocritical & asinine can one group of people insist on being?
(now THAT, is more like ME!)
How can liberals/progressives not see that Obama is not only destroying America, but he is forever changing one of the central tenets of our great country: its checks & balances!
We don’t have kings in America.
Go to your fave web browser & type the words “American Revolution” to see why & what it’s like to live under the edicts of a king who lives lavishly thousands of miles away.
Hmmm, THAT sounds familiar.
But, that’s not how we do it here in America.
WE reject that style of governing, because we’re jerks like that!
WE are independent like that…well, at least we used to be.

In America, our presidents don’t ….
“go it alone”,
“use their pen & phone”,
pass executive orders to get their way like petulant children,
bypass Congress because they won’t do what you want,
constantly sue states that disagree with the presidents policies because they’re bad for their citizens or, I dont know, violate the law,
sue lil ol’ nuns & force them to violate the very faith they’ve lived their lives by,
attack the faithful clergy in our military (lowering morale … even more!),
release terrorists, who would love to see American heads on a stick, without telling anyone,
blatantly lie to the American people,
or finally, (because Im too tired to keep listing Obama’s epic failures)
our US presidents do NOT use the full weight, power & resources that WE PAY FOR against private citizens who wish to speak out!


So, liberals, I don’t want to hear a damn thing, about the next Republican president.
Zip. Zilch. Nada. You did nothing as this president, this imperial jackass, violated every check & balance, every law, every ethic, every procedure, more to do what he wants, so SHUT THE HELL UP about the next guy!
I don’t want one of you to complain about “cowboy diplomacy”, “violating the Constitution”, “intruding on your LIBERTIES”, blah blah blah.
As a free thinking, independent, consistent guy, I respect the Constitution & personal liberty NO MATTER the party in charge.
Now, am I expecting liberals to do the same? Well, if I did, you should drug test me immediately.

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