Why I cannot, & will not, call myself a Republican.


I cannot deal with a shrinking tent…and the Republican tent is shrinking, QUICKLY!
I’m a pretty opinionated person, but I’m also pretty logical & practical.
I know that I don’t, & never will, see eye to eye on every subject, with every person!
Hell, most people don’t agree with themselves on every subject.
I know I don’t.
I read more, think about it more, hear from others (normally those I agree with), and evolve.
If you do not do this, that means you have NEVER grown in life.
That’s on you, not everyone else.
Stubborn, one size fits all thought being expressed with such vitriol by many conservatives, is pushing me out of the GOP tent.
Cool. I’m fine with leaving this party.
The chicks are ugly, you’re out of alcohol & I see the cops are pulling up anyways.
(Lol … sorry, that was a gratuitous shot.)
Look, I come from a big family, with big personalities & even bigger mouths!
I’ve fought with my dad (who admits he *leans* Republican, but hates their attitude on some issues), my mom (Independent, but conservative too) & many of my brothers.
These people drive me nuts, but I don’t hate them.
They’re family.
I used to think conservatives we’re family.
I was fine with calling each other names, like we do in our family.
But what I am NOT used to are the personal attacks & hate of people you agree with, & like, 80% of the time.
We don’t disown each other, block names/numbers, unfriend one another on Facebook, etc etc.
THAT is how waaaay too many conservatives are treating other conservatives though.
Many of these people claim to love Reagan, yet Reagan was a negotiator.
He also said ‘80% of a loaf is better than no loaf at all!’
Many conservatives would rather have NO LOAF!
They’d rather starve to death, rather than invite a person who is a moderate conservative, or heck, a liberal, to the party, make friends with them, show them around, how it’s better at your party, rather than that other party of radicals, & make them friends, aka voters, for life.
THAT makes too much sense for these short sighted conservatives.
Now, I know I’m picking a fight here, but it’s a fight that needs to be had.
Being nice has gotten us nowhere, so now, let’s sit down & fight it out.
If you want a strict Constitutional party, RIGHT NOW, then I’m out.
It’s not because I don’t want that too, it’s because, it’s not going to happen … RIGHT NOW!
Nothing happens in a diverse country of 330 million people in ONE election.
It will require outreach, education & a positive attitude.
You don’t achieve outreach by being mean spirited.
You can’t educate others by being arrogant.
You can’t grow your party, & win, by playing into the main stream lie of being an exclusive, mean spirited party.

If the fate of America were not at stake, it would be funny watching the Republican party commit suicide.
So, I’m not laughing, but I’m also not going to call myself a Republican.

Good luck, & may God bless America.

One thought on “Why I cannot, & will not, call myself a Republican.

  1. I’d like to jump on that train outa town with ya, just decide, and let me know where we’re goin.

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