Why I get the two Donald Trump’s. #PrimaryDay #SuperTuesday

‘He’s rude!’
‘He’s a bully!’
‘He’s vulgar!’
‘He’s not very Christian like!’
That is what I hear eeeevery day from people on Twitter when stating why they don’t like Trump, & would *never* vote for him!
First of all, when it’s a choice between Trump & the criminal, serial liar, Hillary Clinton, many of these people won’t be so adamant.
Secondly, SO!
Seriously, these critiques of Trump are, in my opinion, weak, & made by people who never liked Trump in the first place.
That said, maybe it’s because I *get* Trump.
Hell, I AM Trump in many ways.
You’re reading a post by a guy who led his church basketball league in technical fouls (nearly every one of them for cursing at the ref for a call I clearly disagreed with! smh.).
My own mother doesn’t want my little brothers to play sports with me, or if they do, to be careful, because she knows I PLAY TO WIN!
I’ve had really good friends say to me “If I didn’t know you were such a nice guy, I would HATE YOU, because you’re such a DICK on the football field!”
LOL! That one still makes me laugh!
I’ve had friends who want to punch me in the face because they didn’t ‘bring it’, & I didn’t lack that lack of effort! Let’s just say that I made my displeasure VERY clear.
I’m a fighter.
I’m passionate.
I’m lacking a filter. (I’ve emailed God many times for a replacement, but no luck so far.)
I’m vulgar.
I’m intense.
I’m not afraid to say anything…and back it up!
I’m a jerk.
BUT, THAT, while me, is literally a small facet of my personality.
I am only that guy when I step onto a field, court or a competitive activity.
When that’s done, that guy is done.
No matter if I win, or lose, I go back to being the nice, kind, selfless guy I am most of the time, but I use those jerk attributes to stand up for my values, my friends & to make me successful at my job.
The people who have known me the longest will agree with this: he’s a nice, just don’t play sports with him! (haha!)
I’m learning Trump is very similar.
MANY of the people who know him personally, the longest & the closest, say he’s a very kind, gracious, good guy, not the bombastic, arrogant (another word I’ve been called, A LOT!), rude, bully, jerk we often see on the TV.

So, now you get why this side of Trump doesn’t phase me.
If it did, I’d be a huge hypocrite, & THAT is something no one has ever called me.

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