Battery? Really? Michelle Fields claims hurts battered women.

This story is SO stupid!
I have ignored it, & not commented on it, until now.
The reason I’m commenting now is that it’s gone past stupid, to insane, & frankly, infuriating.
There are women who have TRULY been battered, that need our help, defense & protection, not some arrogant, attention seeking reporter who went too far trying to get a story.
I can’t even imagine how REAL victims of battery feel watching that video!
If I were them, I’d be incensed!
Sure, Lewandowski could have apologized; Michelle Fields could have also stopped being a big baby, because if you grab at important people with secret service & private bodyguards, ummm, you should probably expect to be grabbed back.
Finally, if Lewandowski is being charged with battery because ‘he touched someone who didn’t want to be touched’, which is the Florida definition of battery, then shouldn’t Fields also be charged with ‘battery’ because she touched Donald Trump, who Lewandowski claims didn’t want to be touched?
Ugggh, when exactly will this primary get to jobs, the economy & restoring American power?
This primary has shown that restoring America to her former glory is going to be a much bigger job that I thought it was.

ps. Many of you defending Michelle Fields, or are making this some huuuge story, are doing so simply because you hate Donald Trump THAT MUCH! If this was a male reporter, or someone grabbing Cruz, many people wouldn’t make this a big story. If Trump supporters were being jackasses in that case, I’d call them out too AND I’d hold the same views on this being ‘battery’.

2 thoughts on “Battery? Really? Michelle Fields claims hurts battered women.

  1. Michelle Fields, a spoiled entitled wanna be journalist, along with narcissist Ben Shapiro, attempting to achieve their 15 minutes of fame and seek relevance. Fail.

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