The importance of the word ‘some’. #tcot

This political season has been nuts.
From conservatives bashing other conservatives, to the realization of how many ill-informed, &/or uninformed, jackasses there are walking amongst us, & being allowed to breed, to outright lying about candidates, to voters votes being ignored, to just the general sense that I’m watching my beloved country fall apart before my very eyes, it’s been a doozy.
Honestly, I kinda want it to be December & don’t even tell me who won, because the problems are much bigger than a president.
I can’t tackle all, or even a fraction, of America’s problems in a short blog post, but I can tackle a seemingly small, but oh so important problem: reading comprehension.
Look, it’s not hard, words matter.
Before you go running off to tweet your bitter, sarcastic, angry, possibly profanity laced thought about what someone said…
one, take a breath;
two, take a DEEPER breath, because I know you people, you just ignored #1;
three, reread the comment;
four, try to process the MEANING of the comment;
five; finally, NOW you can tweet!
Many of you people need a few extra steps, but your problems are much deeper.
Those 5 simple steps should help 75% of America.
Now that THAT is out of the way, I’ll get right to my point.
The word SOME is a very important word.
I try to use it often, because I do not like to overgeneralize, which often weakens a point & gives jackasses looking to shoot holes in your valid point a huge target.
Take me for instance.
I get into arguments with Cruz voters, because they, I mean SOME of them are just jackasses that you can NOT reason with.
See what happened there.
I toned it down by using SOME.
When you use some, it’s broad enough that your point is still valid.
So, when Donald Trump said ‘SOME Mexicans are coming here & they’re rapist…’, not only is that factually true, but innocent in nature if you’re not a rapist.
When people say ‘black people are stupid…’ because they vote for Democrats 99% of the time, even I get pissed, because umm, I’m black.
Yes, SOME blacks are huuuuge losers who will never be free, but once again, SOME.
SOME white people are racists.
SOME women are psychos who do evil things.
SOME Asians are smart. (hahhaa!! I’m such a dick!)
SOME atheists…. [correction] MANY atheists are a**holes!
So, next time you shoot your mouth off, think if you should include the word ‘SOME’, or look to see if the person who angered you used the word ‘some’.

You’re welcome.
Pay it forward.

One thought on “The importance of the word ‘some’. #tcot

  1. I’d like to build on your use of the word by adding that SOME (most) of us love what you have to say. Your viewpoint is relevant and very important and respected by SOME (most) of us. Thank you my friend for your contribution to good logic and reasoning. Look forward to your next writing.

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