Did I leave the party, or was I never welcome? The incredibly shrinking @GOP.

In college, I called myself a Democrat.
I was adamant about it.
Now, that wasn’t because I knew anything about the GOP or the Democrats that made me love Dems more.
Yet, I ‘knew’ one thing, or so I thought, in my young ignorant way, & that was that the GOP hated working class people & the GOP hated the poor.
Luckily I was NEVER so stupid as to believe the GOP hated me because I was black.
(Yea, young dumb me. Sarcasm.)
As I got older, ya know, out of college & entered THE REAL WORLD, I wised up (whew!)
So, as I started paying taxes, moved out of my parents home, took on personal responsibility & worked hard to gain success, wealth, more powerful titles (aka became a man), I started to slowly become a conservative.
Correction, I was ALWAYS a conservative deep down, I just didn’t know it.
As a young dummy, I thought, for the previously stated above reasons, I was a Democrat, but I realized that I fell for a lie.
I do NOT like being lied to!
I used to think I only had 2 choices.
Well, we really do only have 2 choices, BUT it’s time for a 3rd!
The GOP primary has sent me back to college me!
No, no, NO, not in calling myself a Democrat!
I’m no longer stupid enough to say that, think that or even entertain that.
What HAS happened, is that I have now realized college me was kinda, sorta, possibly, maybe … right.
See, it’s become abundantly clear that the GOP doesn’t care about the working man, the dreamer, the hard worker, the ‘common man/woman’ &/or ‘We the people..’, a phrase that means so much to me in its simple, elegant power.
The GOP cares more about keeping power than helping everyday American people gain wealth so they can gain their own economic power.
The GOP cares more about making sure they have a candidate they can control
than they do about listening to who the people are voting for.

That’s fine.

It IS THEIR party.
THEIR party …. clearly not mine, or ours.
So, like any party you’re invited to, you arrive at, look around, don’t like the crowd & don’t feel welcome, I’m leaving.
I’m out.
Next time I get one of your invites to the party, I’ll politely decline.
‘Thanks, but NO THANKS.’

2 thoughts on “Did I leave the party, or was I never welcome? The incredibly shrinking @GOP.

  1. Your sentiments are EXACTLY why I am now a Libertarian/Constitutionalist. Still a registered Republican, but I am DONE with the GOP.

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