Even when Democrats #fail, it’s the Republicans fault.


Having a conversation with a very smart, cool, beautiful AND conservative woman (aka the holy grail of women!), we were discussing how Democrats NEVER pay for their failures.
Even though they have a long, & very provable, history of epic fails that have hurt many people, they never are held responsible.
Democrats have hurt women, minorities, whites, the middle class, the poor, small businesses, religious people, etc etc, yet their same ol’ tired line of ‘…______ is the fault of those evil *white* Republicans!’
Due to the fact that the media is corrupt, this narrative is never challenged, & never smacked down with undeniable facts.
Even after 8 years of misery from Obama’s many ignorant, bone headed, economically challenged decisions, liberals are still saying it’s the fault of a ‘do nothing Congress’ & ‘if we had only spent more!’
So no matter the results, the GOP is always to blame.
It will never be a failure of the socialist policies Democrats love, but a failure in scope.
“It would have worked, but republicans wouldn’t let us spend MORE!”

Sure, jackass.
If your ideas don’t work after $8 TRILLION, Im preeetty sure, they were never gonna work.
What’s that I see up ahead?
Oh yeah, a fiscal cliff, & America is speeding up towards it!

2 thoughts on “Even when Democrats #fail, it’s the Republicans fault.

  1. You speak for so many of us. The difference being, you say it so much better than I could. My frustration comes from trying to convince these libs where their logic falls. I give up and rely on you to carry on the fight. You’re the intelligent leadership needed to save our great country.

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