Why do people ask dumb questions when they pick a president?!

I always hear it, & it ALWAYS bugs me.
‘How are you *specifically* going to do ______?’
‘What are you going to do to defeat ISIS?’
…and on & on these stupid, jackass questions go!
[Note that these questions are only ever asked of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump in this case.]
Many people may be upset, because THEY think like this, & feel these questions are valid.
Well, they’re not AND toughen up.
Ask better questions next time.
From CEO’s, middle management to entry level jobs, NO ONE is ever judged on the ‘specific acts’ they will take if they were to be hired.
What people are looking for in an interview is to determine a mindset, an ability to problem solve, lead, work with others, etc.
So I don’t care about ‘what *specifically* would Trump tell the military’!
That’s so damn dumb!
Epic level dumb!
He doesn’t get daily briefings, all the information a president gets, knows the full details of the problem, etc.
You’re asking for specifics without details.
No intelligent leader can, or would, ever do that.
You would be setting yourself up for failure.
One thing I CAN deduce from Donald Trump’s answers, especially when compared to the politically scrubbed, poll tested, disingenuous, platitudes of ineptitude I hear from Hillary, is his attitude.
He has an attitude of winning, aggression, I WILL find a solution, & I won’t sleep until I do, I want to ‘make America great again’ & an attitude of positivity.
Couple that with his business successes, & I’m in!
[ps. Sure he has some business failures, every *DOER* does! Failure is the mark of someone who’s trying, the reason you have a job & what made America great in the past! We need to bring back that rugged American spirit.]
It’s what America needs right now.
An attitude of ‘winning is not the most important thing, it’s the ONLY thing!
Maybe it will start the process of reversing the tide from all of these entitled lil bitches running around America nowadays.

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