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Can America PROSPER in this CHAOS? No. #tcot Obamacare


America can’t seal it’s border, or liberals say you’re a racist.
America can’t seal it’s border, or you are cruel to human beings
America can’t seal it’s border, or YOU don’t believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. (That’s rich coming from liberals who don’t know any of Jesus’ teachings, but let’s overlook THAT elephant in the room!)

America can’t create jobs because corporations are overtaxed (highest in the world), are forced to implement #Obamacare if they become too successful, are demonized for every hard earned dollar & just feel unappreciated!!

Americans don’t want to spend because they rightfully fear just about everything, thanks to a president that overspends (more than every other president COMBINED!), targets his enemies (IRS, NSA & EPA thugs) & is getting hit with inflation that all the “experts” say doesn’t exist. Take a survey of people walking out of the grocery store, morons!


With all of this, let’s not forget other downers like a jailed Marine that president Obama refuses to lift one finger to assist as he uses his fingers to tightly grasp those fundraiser checks; the NSA spying on everyday Americans; gun running scandals that we can’t get honest answers on; the death of our ambassador & soldiers in Benghazi, & the subsequent cover-up; calls of racism for seemingly trivial things like DISAGREEING with the POLICIES of Obama; the countless fires that are burning around the globe due to a weak American president. This is just a quick list. The full list of issues we face goes on seemingly forever.

So, how can America PROSPER?
Sigh. I don’t know. It’s a lot.
We can SURVIVE this chaos, but is THAT what we do?
We CAN survive, because we’re strong, we’re smart, we’re resourceful, we’re Americans, dammit!
But, being Americans, we don’t just “survive”!
We want more.
We want it all.
WE. KICK. Some. Mutha F*ckin’ Ass!!!
THAT is what we do … well, until Barack Obama.
He’s given us sooo many headwinds, battles & defeats that we’re tired. We’re content to just make it through the day.

We’ve got to hang in there even though it seems like it never ends. That’s largely because it doesn’t ever end … for this administration, this biased media & the liberals that blindly follow their dear leader. These sycophants are trying to get you to join their cult. Hang in there.

ps. Do NOT drink from the punch bowl. Something’s not right here.


I can’t wait for the next white male president!!

prezYeah I SAID IT, and more importantly, I MEAN IT!
I want a bad dancing, no basketball photo op taking, post “everyone’s a racist”, boring ol’ white guy in the Oval Office!

I’m sick of “America’s first black president”!
It’s clear that America cannot handle these things.
Thanks to the progressive, divisive, win-at-all costs liberals & the co-conspirators in the uber-liberal press, everyone who opposes Barack Obama does it because of clear, or deeply hidden, racist reasons!
Uggh… so…irritated. [rubbing my temples]
Americans just cannot handle a woman or minority president, right now.
It’s clear.
I can’t take hearing one more jackass pundit say stupid things like “when conservatives call Barack Obama a socialist, they’re REALLY [wink..wink] attacking him because HE’S BLACK!”
NO, you f’ing dishonest, low life, divisive mental midget! They’re saying socialism sucks & this “president” (I think a president is a leader, so I can’t call Obama a president. Just me.) acts more in line with the beliefs of socialism than capitalism.
Then, there is Eric Friggin’ Holder.
Uggh, don’t even get me started on the epic levels of stupid that HE is, and the race baiting, divisiveness that he pushes & truly stunning levels of incompetence he’s reached!

So, in the end, give me a white male!
Nowadays, America can barely handle THAT, but at least nobody will be called racist or sexist for opposing his acts.
Maybe one day, when America has matured, she can be given another chance at RESPONSIBLY handling a minority, or female, president, but not now.

Will America ever be that cocky jerk that you hate, but want to hang with again?


As you all know, I’m really infuriated with the sorry excuse for a neighbor, the Mexican government. Initially, my fury was aimed like a laser beam at these corrupt losers, but more & more, my disdain is turning towards the citizens too. I’m becoming irritated with the sorry excuses, pathetic racial slurs & apathetic responses from the Mexican people over our jailed Marine.

Where is their outrage? Where is the shame that their government is treating their best friend, America, like this? [crickets….crickets] It’s so silent I can hear the engine of a coyote smuggling more people across our border. So, no outrage with their government, but oddly enough, they’re outraged with …. drumroll please…. ME! Are these people serious?! Me? Yeah, I’m the one who started this. Yet, before today I was just mildly annoyed, until my timeline started to show Mexico’s true colors. Granted, it’s empirical data, but it’s been consistent. It’s funny, because it’s as if these mental midgets south of the border, just now got internet service & heard of the Boycott of all Mexican products. Like a mob of losers, they hit my timeline with the same tired racial slurs of people with small brains & an even smaller vocabulary. “Nigga, please!!”, “Nigga”, “negro” (I translated that last one…lol).

Really?! THAT is the best the “good people” of Mexico can do? No wonder their country is in the sorry state it’s in. This post is really not about making fun of Mexico, because that’s too easy, this is about pride, confidence, swagger, bravado. Basically, being an AMERICAN.

We used to be the country everyone hated, & we LOVED IT! We relished in BEING THE DAMN BEST! Don’t like it? Beat me then. Sure, nobody wants to be hated, but these other pathetic countries didn’t really hate us because we invaded some country they can’t even spell, no less find on a map. No, they hated us because they were JEALOUS! Jealous of our greatness, our pride that was backed up with amazing accomplishments. These countries are the originals HATERS! Like they say “Haters gon’ hate!”, so you know what, LET ‘EM!

I’m sick and tired of beta males like Barack Obama going around apologizing for our greatness! NO MORE! STOP! I REFUSE to apologize for being better than you at everything … except soccer, which we don’t even care about in the first place.

So, if America wants to get her place in the world back, we must first STOP apologizing for being great! If America doesn’t want toilet bowl countries, like Mexico, wrongfully torturing & imprisoning our honorable Marines (#FreeTahmooressi), then we must raise our heads higher. If America doesn’t want to be pushed around, we must shut up, buck up & man up, dammit! We’re America. They don’t like it? Well we don’t care!

‘merica! F***. YEAH.

#WTF?! Obama admin complains about #Republicans WASTING tax payer funds!?

How many times have I said “WHAT THE F***?!?!?”?
How many times have I shook my head right after my right
palm smacks my forehead in absolute disbelief?!
How many times have I hit the MUTE button because
the stupidity is just too much to deal with one minute longer?
While I don’t know the number (I DO know it’s a high one!), I know it grew by one today.

Today, the president’s new lying puppet, aka press secretary Josh Earnest (NOBODY in this administration should be associated with the word “earnest”!), complained about John Boehner suing his boss for, wait … for … it … for WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY?!?!?
I was so shocked that I literally had to hit rewind on the DVR!
Deep breathes! Deep breathes!
THIS administration of drunken sailors should NEVER talk about wasting tax payer, aka. other people’s, money!
This is the president who has spent more money than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS … COMBINED!
…who fought to make sure no waste, fraud & abuse was cut from the budget.
…who uses Air Force 1 like it’s his personal car to gallivant all around the globe.
…who plays countless rounds of golf.
…who complains his wife isn’t getting paid.
…who hasn’t gotten one of his budgets passed … EVER!
…who has a wife that uses huge numbers of Secret Service & other “aides” every time she wants to go for yet another vacation.
…who takes SEPARATE planes than the rest of his family.
…who locked the veterans out of their own memorial to intentionally inflict pain & suffering.
…who locked kids out of THE PEOPLE’S house!
…who wasted millions on a crappy website for a bill NOBODY read.
…who gave our money to his friends at Solyndra.
…who protected his union buddies in the GM bailout.

This list goes on & on!
Let’s also not forget WHY the Republicans are being forced to sue this lawless president: HE IS FLAUNTING THE LAWS HE SWORE TO UPHOLD!
So, if Mr. “EARNEST”, were being honest, he would admit that this is in response to Republicans FINALLY having some public support to STOP this out of control, arrogant, man-child.

Serenity now.

This clown is friggin’ killin’ me …. AND AMERICA.