Cons & @BretBaier, you can hate Donald Trump, but please don’t hate math.

Look, let me start out with the fact that I like Bret Baier.
He’s a straight shooting anchor that represents the Fox News tagline, fair & balanced, very well.
So when he said ‘Ted Cruz could possibly surpass Trump in a plurality of delegates’ this morning, my mouth dropped!
In fact, I was so confused by the idiocy of that comment that I literally went online to confirm my knowledge of the definition of plurality.
Now, I know news anchors love to increase ratings, & saying something this absurd keeps Cruz voters, & people who just hate Trump, engaged, but c’mon now!
It’s fine to hate, dislike, disdain, etc etc, Trump, but please, PLEASE, for the sake of intelligent debate, do not hate math.
Look, while I will vote for Trump, I’m not on a Trump Train, or a bandwagon person.
I’m a factual guy.
I love numbers.
I love figuring out things with facts.
So, while POSSIBLE that Cruz could surpass Trump’s delegate count, the PROBABILITY of that is so ridiculously slim that it’s asinine to suggest … at least at this point.
Currently, Trump has
Even if Cruz won 14 of the next 20 contest, which includes California, we some polls show Trump has a 16 point lead (but we know how I don’t trust polls), he still doesn’t surpass Trump.


Now, all of this is NOT about touting Trump, saying he’s invincible, or even great!
THIS is about touting MATH, showing MATH is invincible & honestly, pretty friggin’ great!!!
Math 2016!

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